Six Ways To Generate More Leads On Your Contact Form

It's great that your website has a "Contact Us" Page. But are enough of your visitors contacting you? In this article, we'll explore a few ideas for generating more leads with your contact page.

1. Ask Prominently

Make it a point to prominently highlight the primary goal of your website. E-commerce sites usually highlight "Shop Now" and software services ask you to "Sign Up" or "Start Free Trial".
If your website's primary goal is to get visitors to contact you, use a bold, highlighted, attention-grabbing "Contact Us" or "Get In Touch" button, on each and every page of your website.

2. Ask More Than Once

Many visitors, after visiting your homepage and noticing your prominent "Contact Us" button, will scroll down to see the rest of your site. As the reach toward the bottom, remind them to contact you!
I recommend giving your visitors at least three opportunities to contact you. Right at the top of your site, in the sidebar and finally in your footer. But don't over-do it; and always be polite.

3. Short Contact Form

Nobody likes to fill long forms. Would you like to fill a form with 30+ fields? Would your visitors? Every additional field on your contact form gives your visitors an excuse to NOT submit your form.
Only have essential fields, like Name and Email Address. And of course, have a field where they can type Message for you. If you have additional fields, consider making them non-mandatory.

4. Guide Your Visitors

Alongside your form fields, use Help Text to guide your visitors while they fill your form. If relevant, give an example of the kind of information they are expected to enter.
If a field is unclear to a visitor, they may simply choose to abandon your form. We don't want that, do we? So, if a field's purpose isn't obvious, add some explanation.

5. Say Thank You

Consider changing your contact page's headline to "Thank You For Contacting Us". By thanking your visitors in advance, they may be more likely to complete and submit your contact form.
Even if you decide against changing the headline, make sure you that the contact form says "Thank You" somewhere before the submit button.

6. Be Mobile Friendly

Today, almost everyone browses the Internet on their phone. So, it's important that mobile visitors can easily contact you, without having to pinch/zoom your contact form.
Actually open your site on your phone and try submitting the contact form. Ensure that there are no difficulties in reading, typing or submitting the form. Consider this from 2-3 other phones.

- - -
If you're looking to build a short, mobile-friendly form, try Polydojo. You can also use Polydojo to setup multi-form workflows for approving Purchase Requests, Employee Leave etc.


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