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Business Process Improvement: Why & How

Your employees participate in business processes countless times a day. Every time they connect with a new client, formulate a new product, work on a business deal or handle a customer complaint, there is a certain set of steps that must be followed.  While some of steps may be common among companies, many are specific to your business. and Steps that have been developed so that your employees follow your systems and processes, thereby trying bringing reliability and repeatability to your business. Each set of steps that your employees are trained to follow is a business process. Since a process is created to increase efficiency and speed, it is important to regularly review your processes. It's important to adapt your processes to new contexts and situations, seeking to optimize performance. Why is it important to improve business process management? The professionals at Polydojo seek to help their clients improve business process management on a daily basis. H

5 Ways To Manage The Day-To-Day Of Big Teams

Working with a large team can produce extraordinary results, but only if you ensure that members work together effectively. It's easy to lose track of all the work being carried out, and to find people moving in different directions, wasting time on the wrong tasks. Clarify & Focus Are Key: Any good manager will tell you that the primary key to effectively managing large teams is clarity in focus. It's important for each and every team member to to know the company's primary focus. For example, if your company is currently focusing on acquiring new customers to boost top-line growth, it's important for all team members to know about this. That way, Tim from operations will know to focus more on increasing process capacity, rather than on sourcing cheaper raw materials. However, despite clarify and focus, in the day-to-day of working in a large team, you are likely to encounter numerous issues including interruptions, pitfalls, sync-loss and more. I

Top 5 Tips For Onboarding New Employees

Bringing new employees into a business is an exciting time for both the company and the individual. Done right, it can be the start of a successful relationship for both parties, an opportunity to build and strengthen teams and to define the company culture. Weather you're the employer or the employee, first impressions are important. And for every employee, the first few days and weeks are crucial. A good experience means better retention prospects, which are good for you and your business. To help you make a success of employee onboarding we’ve put together our top five tips. 1. Make them feel welcome Welcome new hires with open arms, and make sure your team does the same. Transparency across their reporting structure is important from the outset, as is encouraging an open relationship with HR. Having an open door policy is an easy way to create that environment, particularly if your layout includes private offices for managers and/or the company board. As well as en