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Six Ways To Generate More Leads On Your Contact Form

It's great that your website has a "Contact Us" Page. But are enough of your visitors contacting you? In this article, we'll explore a few ideas for generating more leads with your contact page. 1. Ask Prominently Make it a point to prominently highlight the primary goal of your website. E-commerce sites usually highlight "Shop Now" and software services ask you to "Sign Up" or "Start Free Trial". If your website's primary goal is to get visitors to contact you, use a bold, highlighted, attention-grabbing  "Contact Us"  or  "Get In Touch"  button, on  each and every page  of your website. 2. Ask More Than Once Many visitors, after visiting your homepage and noticing your prominent  "Contact Us"  button, will scroll down to see the rest of your site. As the reach toward the bottom,  remind them to contact you ! I recommend giving your visitors at least three opportunities to contact you.