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Where should I start as an entrepreneur?

[The following is a reproduction of my (Sumukh's) answer on Quora .] One-line answer: Start anywhere, but don’t fail to start. The questions “Where should I start?” and “How should I start?” are very common. These are usually posed by those who are thinking about starting their own business, and are terrified at the prospect of doing so. I’m the founder of Polydojo : an online platform for creating forms and managing business processes. I routinely interact with business founders, employees and investors. I’ve answered the question “Where should I start?” multiple times. If you go to a startup convention and ask each panelist how/where they started, you’d most likely get a different response from each of them. That’s because they probably run different types of businesses and possess different skill sets. However, among all the panelists at the convention, there is always one commonality. They all actually started their business! Where they star

Creating Forms in Hindi, German and More!

Did you know that you can use Polydojo to create forms in practically any language? Yes you can! That's because Unicode is fully supported on the platform. To create forms in a foreign language, you simply need your keyboard to support that language. Likewise, form submissions can also be entered in any language. Multilingual Forms Not only can you create forms in any given language, you can create multilingual forms! For simplicity and clarity, we’ll soon take up an example. Polydojo is made in Mumbai, India. Almost all local users speak Hindi. We also have quite a few users from Germany and Switzerland, who primarily speak German. In a previous post , we explored how long contact forms are difficult to fill; and the fields an ideal contact form should include. We created an English-only contact form. Today, we’ll add Hindi and German labels, making it trilingual. Starting Point Let’s start with the contact form we’d built before. Here’s a screenshot: