Hello World!

This is first post on our blog. As an engineer, I couldn't think of a more fitting title than "Hello World".


I am Sumukh Barve, founding CEO of Polydojo. Polydojo is a platform for creating online forms and processes. On this blog, you'll often see posts from Mark Waterberry, our Chief of Customer Success. He has a background in operations management and spends a lot of time with businesses, helping them deal with process bottlenecks.

You should also see some posts from our CTO, Mrs. Sharmila Barve. She's a Professor of Telecommunication Engineering at TSEC; and has a keen interest in web application scalability. She is my mother. There will be occasional posts from other staff members of our staff.

Great! Now that we've introduced ourselves, its your turn. If you'd like to say hello, please use the comments box below or write to us at hello@polydojo.com. We'd be thrilled to hear from you. If you have any questions for us, please feel free to ask. We'll gladly answer.


This blog will include discussions pertaining to our experiences, ideas, insights, and opinions. We'll talk about business, software, operational efficiency, related laws, practices and trends. The goal will be to write informative posts that interest business owners and administrators.

Mark is soon going to write about the Efficient Frontier of business operations, and how your business can put it to practical use. Mrs. Barve shall soon publish a post about her views regarding the licensing controversy related to Facebook's open source front-end software framework, React.

We hope we've given you a fairly good idea about what this blog is going to be. If you have any questions about Polydojo, or personal questions for Mark, Mrs. Barve or I, please feel free to ask. Use the comments box below or write to hello@polydojo.com.


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.


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